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Immigration Bonds May Help Family Members

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
Immigration Bonds

Joe Brennan
Immigration Specialist

If you have a family member that has ended up with an immigration problem, you may be able to help them with a bond. Immigration bonds are bonds that allow the individual to get out of jail under certain circumstances. Whether or not one of these bonds can be used will be dependent upon the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, but getting a bond for someone who has been thrown in jail may be a viable option.


Getting a disposition of the authorities, someone who is an illegal immigrant and who has been arrested may have a couple of different options. The first would be a delivery bond. This is a bond that allows the immigrant in question to get out of jail, pending their immigration hearings. This functions in much the same way as bail would function for a citizen, allowing the person to be out of jail, to take care of everything they need to take care of regarding their case and to remain free, as long as they show up for their hearings as required.

A voluntary departure bond may also be an option. This involves paying Immigration and Customs Enforcement the full cash price of the bond. This amount is refundable, contingent upon the person actually leaving the country and will only be refunded when that person has been established to have left the nation.

As is the case with any other type of bond, violating the conditions of these types of bonds means that the person will be re-arrested. The idea behind these bonds is to allow the person to get their legal matters in line so that they can attend their immigration hearings fully prepared for the situation or, if the illegal immigrant would prefer, simply to leave the nation and to leave the whole mess behind them, as well.


Bail bondsman may provide these types of bonds in a form called a surety bond. Under these agreements, the illegal immigrant need not come up with the entire amount required for the bond, but can oftentimes get the bond for 15% of the total amount required. In some cases, the fee required may be as high as 20% of the total amount required for the bond, but bail bondsman oftentimes take collateral if the family cannot come up with that full amount.  Our Jacksonville bail bonds office has all the required items needed to complete your immigration bond,

If a loved one with an immigration problem ends up in jail, immigration bonds may be the best options.