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Is Getting a Bail Bond in Fort Myers Worth the Cost?

We get these questions a lot, so we’d though to address it here. Depending upon the offense for which someone was arrested, the cost of getting bail could be high. Most bail bonds companies will charge anywhere from 10 to 15% of the total amount of bail required to get an individual out of jail in exchange for putting up bail for the defendant. There are situations where getting bail may constitute something of a financial hardship for the family, but it’s oftentimes worth it to go ahead and bail someone out, particularly if their friends or family are relatively certain that they will be exonerated.

Costs to the Defendant

When someone is sitting in jail waiting to go to trial, they may immediately begin to feel the negative consequences that go along with that. Even if they happen to be found innocent of any charges that they are facing, the time they spend in jail waiting to go to trial may result in them losing their job, falling behind on bills and in other hardships. This is one of the primary reasons why family members and friends sometimes end up going ahead and contacting a bail bondsman about getting the person out of jail.

Obviously, people who end up not spending a day in jail due to the charges that they originally faced can end up spending a lot of time waiting to go to court. Making bail can ensure that the person is able to go on with their life and, as long as they show up to court, the transaction is simple and very easy to handle and can end up saving the person in question a great deal of hardship.

In some cases, people end up getting hauled into jail because they had a little too much of a good time and got out of hand. These aren’t hardened criminals, but normally law-abiding citizen sometimes end up facing charges such as disturbing the peace, public intoxication and so forth. If those individuals are forced to sit in jail and wait for their court date, what they suffer as a result of those charges may be vastly out of proportion to the seriousness of the crimes with which they are accused.

If you have a family member or a friend sitting in jail and they are reliable enough that you can trust them to show up in court when they’re supposed to, talking to a company that provides bail bonds may be of great assistance to that person.

What will you need when calling our office

  1. Name of Defendant
  2. Defendants DOB
  3. Date of arrest
  4. Booking Number (if possible)
  5. Any past criminal history information

What Should you Expect after we post the Bond

Fort Myers jail is fairly efficient, so the release time should be within a few hours.  However, we have seen it take up to 8 hours.  We have no control as to when a defendant can be released.  We will always keep you informed as to when the bond will be posted and give the best estimate possible.

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