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If you need to work with a bail bond company to get someone out of jail, realize that there are good and bad companies out there. Some companies are solid professionals who try to make satisfying the conditions of bail as easy as possible for their clients. Others are simply sloppy and end up setting up situations where someone who got bail from them is almost doomed to violate those conditions, simply because the company is not clear about things. Here are some things to look for when you’re choosing a bail bond company.


Some West Palm Beach bail bond companies deal with people all the time who end up getting arrested in the middle of the night. They will make every effort to be available to potential clients. If you’re having a hard time getting a hold of anyone at the bail bond company, realize that that difficulty in getting in contact is likely to carry over if you have issues with them while you’re waiting for your court date. Look for a company that has very good customer service, because that means they take their job seriously.


The Internet can do two things that are particularly important for people who are getting bail. First, it provides a way to pay for bail, in some cases. Even if you can’t pay for the bail online, you should at least be able to get all of the forms you need downloaded so that you can print them out and have them ready to go for the bail bond company when their representative shows up or when you go down to their office. This can vastly streamline the process.

The second thing the Internet can do is provide a source of information. The bail bond company, if they’re being thorough, will generally make an effort to put information online that applies to everybody for whom they provide bail bonds. For instance, they’ll have information about how you need to make your court date, about who to contact if you have a problem and so forth. They also oftentimes have simple question and answer pages that you can look at if you’re confused about something.

If you work with a professional bail bond agent, getting out of jail is not particularly difficult and meeting the conditions of your bail will be something that the company actually helps you with, and never sets you up to fail at.

What will you need when calling our West Palm Beach Bondsman

  1. Name of Defendant
  2. Defendants DOB
  3. Date of arrest
  4. Booking Number (if possible)
  5. Any past criminal history information

What Should I Expect after you post your bond?

West Palm Beach is a very busy jail and you should expect to wait quite a while for release.  Luckily, we have great agents in the area that will post the bond very quickly.  In our experience, the release time in West Palm Beach is around 6 hours or so after the bond is posted.