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Jail time is more than just slow time. It’s time that you or your loved one is missing at work (which no one can afford these days). It’s time that is missed with family. It’s time that bills are mounting with no way to pay them down. It’s time that you lose from your life, plain and simple. If you or someone you love is facing jail time, it’s vital that you work with our company. A quality bonding company can help get things back on an even keel.

What Do Bond Companies Do?

Most people have never had the need to work with a bail bond company before, so a little confusion about how the process happens is understandable. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, though.

Step one is for the judge to set bail during the first appearance.  (Depending on the charge, a defendant may be able to be released before this event.) The amount set will depend on the severity of the crime and whether or not the judge feels there’s a risk of flight on the part of the defendant. If there’s considerable fear that the defendant will “skip town”, the judge might deny bail completely, but that’s rare.

Step two is to contact our reputable bail bond service. You’ll need to provide some basic information, as well as your ID and the defendant’s name (if you’re working through a proxy or a family member, that will be your name and jail information). The bail bonds company will determine how much the bond fee will be based on the amount of bail set. It’s usually about 10%, though federal and immigration cases will require 15%.

Step three is to pay the bond fee. A trustworthy bail bonds company will offer several ways to pay the bond fee, including by credit card and possibly even via a payment plan if you qualify and the situation warrants it.

Step four is the defendant’s release from jail. Once the bond fee has been paid, the bondsman will take care of the paperwork necessary to secure the person’s release. The entire release process can take between two and eight hours, depending on the time of day when the payment is made and the backlog at the jail.

That’s all there is to it. Once released from jail, the defendant is free to live his or her life as they normally would until the trial comes around. The bail bond company will even contact the defendant to let them know when the trial date is if the judge doesn’t set a date during the arraignment.

Your Choice Matters Greatly

It’s important to understand that not all bail bondsman are the same, and you must ensure that you choose a reputable, honest company for your needs. We are  the preeminent bail bonds service in the area, and you’ll find that we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality, fastest service possible. Call us today to start the process.

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