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Sarasota Bail Bonds and Your Loved One – Charting a Course Back to Freedom

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When a loved one has had their freedom deprived by being arrested and jailed, your first course of action should be to secure their release. That might be easier said than done, though. Bail can be very costly, and while you’ll receive the money back after your loved one goes to trial, that does nothing to help the situation if you just plain can’t afford it. Working with a Sarasota bail bonds company can help ensure that you’re able to secure your loved one’s freedom.

Bail Bonds – What You Should Know

There is some confusion between bail and bail bonds. They’re not the same thing. Bail is the amount the judge sets after the arraignment hearing. This amount will vary depending on several different factors, including the severity of the crime and how likely the judge deems flight. The more severe the charges and the more likely it is that the accused will flee before the court date, the higher the bail amount will be. Bail is paid to the court, and the money is returned after your loved one appears at their trial.

Bail bonds, on the other hand, are a form of guarantee. Essentially, in exchange for a small percentage of the total bail amount, a bail bonds Sarasota FL service will guarantee to the court that your loved one will be there for the trial. The company will post the entire bail amount on your behalf. However, you do not receive the bond fee (the amount you pay the bail bonds company) back. That is their profit in the exchange.

What Happens After Bail Bonds Are Posted?

Once you pay the Sarasota bail bondsman, they will post bail for your loved one. What’s more, the company should take care of handling any necessary paperwork, dealing with the jail and securing the actual release of your loved one. You should only have to be on hand to pick up the individual after they are released from jail. The release process can vary depending on many different factors, and can range from two hours to eight hours depending on the backlog at the jail and the time of day when bail is posted.

Not All Bail Bonds Companies Are Ideal Solutions

One thing that you should understand from the outset is that not all Sarasota bail bonds companies are of the same quality. It’s very important that you choose the company you’ll work with carefully. Make sure the company accepts the form of payment you’ll need to use (credit cards, cash, check, money order, etc.), but also make sure that the firm has a reputation for providing outstanding service to their clients.

We can provide you with the peace of mind and assistance you need when your loved one is in jail. Call us to start the bail bonds process, to have your questions answered and to restore your loved one’s freedom.

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