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Being arrested doesn’t have to mean that your loved one needs to sit in jail, biding his or her time until the trial comes around. The judge will set a bail amount, and paying that bail allows your family member to get out of jail and get back to living life once more. However, the bail process can be extremely confusing for those who’ve never been through it before. Turning to an expert St. Lucie bail bonds company can help ensure that you have the understanding, assistance and expediency you need.

How Bail Works

First, you need to understand how bail works. Bail and bail bonds are not interchangeable – they’re different things. Bail is the amount of money the judge sets during the arraignment to release the jailed individual. The amount set will vary from one case to another, and hinges on several different factors. The most important of these factors is the seriousness of the charge or charges your loved one is facing. The more serious the charges, the higher the bail amount will be. Another factor is how likely the judge deems the defendant of fleeing before the trial. If the judge feels that your loved one is a very significant flight risk, he or she might deny bail completely. If that’s the case, the defendant will have to remain in jail until the trial.

St Lucie County bail bonds are basically a promise to the court that your loved one will be there for the trial. It’s a financial tool – most bail bonds are set at 10% of the total bail amount. What that means is if bail is set at $15,000, the fee for a St. Lucie County bail bonds company will be $1,500. With that bond fee, the company will post the entire bail amount for the defendant, releasing them from incarceration. A quality company will also handle all of the paperwork, deal with the jail to secure the defendant’s release and more.

Payment Options

Obviously, any bail bond is going to come at a cost to you, and it can be high depending on the charges your family member is facing. However, you will find that there are St. Lucie County bail bonds companies that accept multiple payment methods, including credit cards. This gives you the chance to pay the bond fee even if you don’t have the cash on hand (some also accept personal checks, or can work out payment arrangements in specific situations). Make sure that the bail bonds company you select is willing to accept the type of payment you need to use.

We are proud to serve all areas of St. Lucie County. We are happy to accept multiple payment methods, but we’re proudest of our commitment to ensuring your experience with us is as pleasant as possible. We can answer your questions, provide advice and help your family member get his or her life back on track once more. Call us today.

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