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When a loved one is sitting in jail facing criminal charges, it’s of the utmost importance that you secure their release as quickly as possible. That means that as soon as the judge has set bail, you should have our company post bond so that your loved one can be released. If you have never had to secure a bond before, though, you’ll need to know the steps to follow. The process is relatively simple, and the steps are laid out below.

Gather the Information

No matter what agency you choose to work with, you’re going to need some specific information to begin the process. You’ll need your own ID, as well as the name and personal information of the loved one currently in jail. You’ll also need information about where they’re being held in Orlando, as well as the charges they’re facing and the amount of bail that was set. With this information in hand, you can continue to the next step.

Choosing a Bail Bond Company

The second step is to choose a company serving the Orlando area. However, this isn’t an area where you can cut corners. Not all Orlando bail bonds companies are the same, and you’ll need to do a little bit of research to ensure that you’re making the right choice. One of the most important points to cover first is whether the company can post bond for the type of charges your loved one is facing. There are three main categories of charges here – local/state charges, federal charges and immigration charges. Within those categories, you’ll find the actual criminal charges – domestic violence, burglary, arson, drug charges, etc. Make sure that the company you choose can post bond for all criminal charges, not just some.

Another important concern when choosing an agent is when they’re available. Many companies operate on standard business hours (9-5). Obviously, that does you little good. You need a company that’s dedicated to being available when you need them, whenever that might be. A quality company will be accessible every day of the week, around the clock, and even available on holidays. That ensures you can secure your loved one’s freedom as soon as possible, and time is always of the essence.

Don’t Feel Intimidated

Many first-time bail bonds users are intimidated by the process and by bail bonds representatives. Make sure that the company you’re working with is dedicated to providing you with peace of mind – they should be more than happy to sit down with you and explain everything you need to know based on a brief summary of your situation. Customer service is just as important when choosing a company as it is in any other situation.

You’ll find that we are the leading bail service, and for good reason. We’re always available, and we’re always happy to answer all of your questions about the process. Call us today