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bail bonds in InvernessPosting a bail bond for someone may seem confusing.  There might be a good chance that you have never had to do anything like this before.  You’ll be happy to know that it isn’t that difficult.  We are here to help you all the way through it.  Our family of bail agents have been serving Inverness residents for over 20 years.  If you know someone who has been arrested for a crime in Inverness, you can contact us or contract the jail.  The jail information is below.

There are a few things that you do have to know.  When calling one of our bail agents, you will need to supply us of the defendant name, prior criminal history, and date of arrest.  Most all other information can be pulled up online (We’ll get into that later).  Once we have looked up the defendant, we should be able to see charge and bond information.
Once we know the charges and bond amounts, you can decide whether or not you would like to proceed with the bond.  If you want to post the bond in Inverness, here is what you will need and also your obligations for any Inverness bail bonds.


You will need to complete some paperwork.  Most times, all that is needed is what is called and Indemnity Agreement and a Promissory Note.  Your next question may be, what are these?  These documents are legal contracts that obligate you to pay the bond if the defendant skips his/her court date.  Just as long as the defendant attends ALL required court dates, all that will have to be paid is the 10% of the bond.  All paperwork is completed online and no longer is it necessary to come into our office to complete these items

Paying the Bond

In Inverness and throughout Florida, the state filed rate for bail bonds is 10% of the total amount of each bond on each charge.  There is also a $100 minimum premium if the bond is below $1000.00.  It is important to know that all charges and bonds are treated separately.  There are no other hidden fees or charges for annual premium. We accept all major credit cards

Defendant’s Release from the Inverness Jail

Once paperwork and payment is made, an agent will deliver the bond to the jail.  Once the bond is delivered, the release process can take up to 8 hours.  However, in Inverness, the release process should take a lot less time.  We will make our best effort to estimate that time of release.

Viewing the Inmates Information Online

To view current inmates online, go to the inmate search on the sheriff’s website.  Here you have a couple different ways to search.  You can select a date range or you can simply enter in the defendant’s last name.  Once you find the defendant you would like to view, click on the “Select” link on the far right hand side of the name.  Once selected, you now can view the entire booking report.  One item unique about this information is that Inverness gives you the arrest report along with the booking information.  This is helpful want wanting to know that details about the arrest.

About Inverness

Inverness has a population of around 7500 residence.  It is the county seat of Citrus County and is in the 5th judicial circuit of Florida.  It is located on the west coast of Florida about mid-way up the state.

Jail Information

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