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Identifying a Quality Clearwater Bail Bonds Company

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Going to jail is never something on your to-do list. However, it does  happen, and more frequently than you might think. A simple misunderstanding with a neighbor might lead to legal action. One too many beers with the guys might land you in jail charged with DUI. You don’t need to be a hardened criminal to require the help of a our bail bond company. You do need to identify a quality company when it comes to getting a bail bond to secure your release from jail, though.

The Most Important Thing – Availability

When it comes to securing an agency to work on your behalf or on the behalf of a loved one, there’s one thing that counts more than anything – that company’s availability. You’ll find that some bail bonds companies take the approach of operating during “standard” business hours. However, that does you little good. Arrests happen at all hours, and you need a bail bonds company that understands this. The best decision is to work with a company that’s available at all times, 24-hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. That guarantees that they’ll be there when you need them.

A Helping Hand

Another important aspect when choosing a quality bail bond company is the company’s ability to explain the process to you and answer your questions. Such a company understands that many people have never had to deal with bail bonds before, and they have no idea how the process works. However, many companies don’t take this approach, leaving you to flounder your way through on your own. That’s never a good idea. Work with a bail bonds company that takes an active hand in explaining what you need to do, what you can expect out of the situation and answers any questions that you might have.

Bail Bond Situations

Not all agencies will post bonds for all types of charges. This can be a rude awakening if you have decided to go with one company and then find out they won’t work with you. It basically puts you back at square one. Make sure that the agency you are considering will post bonds for the charges in question, whether it’s domestic violence, DUI/DWI, larceny, burglary, immigration, assault or something else. Check this first, before anything else. There’s no point in even contacting a company that doesn’t work with the types of charges in question.

Experience Matters

As a final note, you must make sure that the Clearwater bail bondsman you choose has experience with specific areas, including state or county bail bonds, national bail bonds, federal bail bonds and immigration situations. Without experience, you’re essentially flying blind.

James Brennan Bail Bonds has experience in all the areas mentioned above, and is available at all times – we’re here when you need us, no matter when that might be. Call to start the bail bonds process.