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Ryan Wells Lic#: P105790

Ryan Wells
Lic#: P105790

Help with Choosing Duval County Bail Bonds Companies

Once an arrest has been made and your loved one’s arraignment completed, it’s time to give them a chance to get out of jail and get back to living their life or preparing their defense for the upcoming trial. There are two ways you can do this. You can opt to pay the bail amount in full on your own (which can be immensely expensive, and out of reach for most people), or you can work with a Duval County bail bonds company throughout the process. Obviously, having help is vital, and a bail bonds company can provide a much-needed hand here.

The Primary Consideration

The primary consideration you’ll need to make when choosing between Duval County bail bonds companies is their reputation – a great deal can be learned about a company just by investigating feedback left by previous clients. You can learn how easy they make the process for their clients. You can learn how quickly the company acts to start and finish the process. You can learn more about what types of payment the company accepts and if they’re willing to work with clients on payment. As with any other type of business, reputation really is everything.

Additional Considerations

Reputation is not the only consideration you’ll need to make when choosing amongst Duval County bail bonds companies. You’ll also need to find more information about other key areas, including whether or not they are able to post bond for the charges your friend or loved one is facing. There are three types of charges – state/local, federal and immigration. However, within those three categories, you’ll find a wide range of criminal charges. Not all companies can post bond for every type of charge, so make sure you determine if the company can actually help before you waste time contacting them.

Another consideration here is whether or not the company offers acceptance of multiple payment types. Some bail bonds companies only accept cash, while others can accept credit cards and even personal checks. Paying the bond fee is essential for freeing your loved one, so make sure that the company will accept the form of payment you need to use.

Finally, you should ensure that the company is willing to offer a helping hand. Whether you have questions about the bail bonds process, need help with the paperwork or something else, you should only work with a Duval County bail bonds company that is dedicated to smoothing the entire process for their customers from beginning to end. That means they should be available when you need them, that they should be happy to sit down and discuss the situation, and that they handle the entire process after you pay the bond fee.

Ryan Wells Bail Bonds offers exceptional customer service, and we’re very proud of our reputation in the industry. We’re the top-ranked bail bonds company in Duval County, and will ensure that you have a streamlined, simple process. Call us at (904) 598-9898 today.