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leon countyOur Leon County Bail Bondman and Your Criminal Case

Criminal charges should never be taken lightly. If you’re facing any type of criminal charge and doing so from a jail cell, working with one of our Leon County bail bonds provider can help you not only regain your freedom, but better prepare your case. It’s always easier to mount a defense from outside jail than when incarcerated, and the right bail bonds provider will ensure that you can do just that. However, you do need to make certain of a few key things before you opt for a specific company.

Your Charges Matter

While you might think that pretty much any Leon County bail bonds company can post bond for you, that’s not the case. The type of charges you’re facing will make a very big difference here. There are three types of charges that might be leveled:

Local/State – Local and state charges are the most common, and the most widely represented by bail bonds companies.

Federal – Federal charges are a higher order of criminal charges, and not all bail bonds companies will work with you if you’re facing them.

Immigration – Immigration charges are the third type, and you’ll find that some Leon County bail bonds companies won’t help in these circumstances.

The most important thing to consider is whether the company will help you with the type of charges you’re facing. Opt for a bail bonds provider that can post bail for all three types of charges. You should also make sure that the company can post bail for all types of criminal charges, from arson to domestic violence, burglary, vandalism and everything in between.

Are We Available?

Some bail bonds companies only work on “banker’s hours”. However, you need help as soon as possible. That means you need to find a Leon County bail bond company that is available when you need them, no matter what time that might be. Choose a company that offers help and availability around the clock, every day of the week, and even on holidays.

Do We Accept Multiple Payments?

Working with a bail bonds company will require that you pay a bond fee – that’s a percentage of the bail amount the judge sets. Different companies have different requirements when it comes to payment types they accept, though. Make sure the company you call will accept the type of payment you need to use. That can include credit card payments, cash and even personal checks. This can make a huge difference in securing your release. Obviously, coming up with cash is much harder to do than using a credit card, even with a low 10% bond fee.

We service bail bonds in Leon County and the surrounding areas, and we’re proud to be able to help with any type of criminal charges you might be facing. We’re available at all times, noon or night, and we’re also available on holidays, and we can accept almost any type of payment that you need to use. Call us today.

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