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No one plans to be arrested. No one expects to need the services of a Lee County bail bonds company. However, it certainly happens. Arrests can be made for almost any reason, from domestic disturbance and violence to suspected larceny, burglary and more. Whether or not you or your loved one committed the act they’re being accused of, working with a reputable bail bonds company is the only way to help them get out of lockup and get back to living their life until such time as their trial occurs.

Local and County Charges

Different charges require different types of bonds. For instance, if you or your loved one has been arrested and placed in a city or county jail, you will need to obtain a local or state bail bond. These are the most common charges in the state of Florida (and across the nation, truth be told). Local charges differ from federal charges, and usually require that you pay 10% of the total bail amount as the bond fee.

Federal Charges

If your loved one is facing federal charges, then a federal bail bond is needed. You will need to find a Lee County bail bondsman that offers bonds on federal charges. You will also have to pay a slightly higher bond fee (15% rather than the 10% charged for local and county bonds).

Immigration Charges

Immigration is a hot topic today, and any charges involving immigration matters will require a 15% bond fee. Additionally, not all bail bonds companies work with these types of charges, so you will need to ensure that you’re making the appropriate choice for your needs (you will need to research Lee County bail bonding companies to determine what areas they serve).

All Criminal Charges

As mentioned, some bail bond agencies do not offer bonds on some types of criminal charges. For you or your loved one, that’s a very important distinction. You need to ensure that you find a Lee County bail bonds company that is willing to post a bond for any type of criminal charge, from arson to robbery and even drug charges. This ensures that no matter what charges are being levied against the defendant (you or your loved one), you can still get the bail bond necessary.

Work with Brenwell Bail Bonds

When it comes to Lee County bail bond service, you’ll find that our is the ideal solution. We’re here when you need us, no matter when that might be. Our business hours aren’t based on “standard” hours. Instead, we’re available 24-hours per day, seven days a week, and even on holidays. We know that when you need a bail bond, time is of the essence, and do everything we possibly can to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible. Don’t wait to get the help you need. Call us today to start the bail bonds process.

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