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When Calling our office, please try and have as much of this info as possible:

  1. Defendants Name
  2. DOB
  3. Date of Arrest
  4. Bond Amount

Once the defendant is released, please have him/her contact our office.  Also, we have written an article that may help the defendant through this process easier.

Making Sure You Stick to Your Bail Agreement

Like the people that they get out of jail, bail bondsmen want the most convenient transaction possible for their services. Most people are not inclined to go on the run once they’re bailed out of jail and those who are so inclined are most certainly special cases. There are sometimes instances where someone ends up violating the terms of their bail and ends up thrown back in jail. Here are some ways you can avoid that happening to you.

Talk to Your Bondsman

Make sure you call and ask anytime you have a question about whether or not something might violate the conditions of your bail. You’re not going to get in trouble for asking and it’s not going to make the bondsman feel like you’re suddenly a risk. In fact, it lets them know that you take the arrangement seriously and that you’re trying to comply with all the conditions. If you need to take a trip or engage in some other activity that might violate the conditions of your bail but you’re not sure, just ask and we will let you know.

Take Responsibility

Your court date is the most important thing you need to keep in mind if you’re worried about violating the terms of your bond. Many times, people end up getting in far more trouble than they would have otherwise simply by being irresponsible. It is entirely possible to avoid this with some simple planning. Here are some tips.

  • Plan on arriving to court an hour early so that you have time to park and so forth
  • Courthouses do not allow certain items to be brought in—knives, cameras, etc.—so be sure you have a place to store them when you show up to avoid delays
  • Verify your court date and time if you’re in doubt
  • Make sure you talk to your attorney, if you have one, about showing up to court, what to bring and so forth
  • If you might be taken into custody after the court proceedings, make arrangements for this

If you’re responsible about your bail bond, you shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever. We would prefer that everything goes according to plan will exonerate the bond as soon as you make it to court. This means that, if you need their services again in the future, you’ll be able to call upon them, as you’ll have proven yourself to be a good risk.

Important addresses and Phone Numbers

Gainesville Jail
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Gainesville Sheriff
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State Attorney’s Office
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Gainesville, FL 32602

Clerk of Courts
(352) 374-3636