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An arrest and subsequent incarceration can radically change your life.  The situation is incredibly stressful, but working with us can help ensure that you have peace of mind and are able to get back to living your life once more.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

Bail bonds are fairly simple. The judge handling your case will decide how much bail is required for your release until the trial. That amount will hinge on the type of case in question, as well as the severity of the charges and the likelihood that you’ll leave town before the trial. Once the bail amount is set, you can contact us to start the process of arranging your release.

Jacksonville has bond hearings everyday at 9am and 1pm.  Remember, this is not an arraignment, just a hearing to set bond.  There are a few ways the judge may set the release of the defendant.  The defendant can get an ROR (Release on own recognizance), which means no monetary bail is needed.  The defendant will be released on a promise that he/she will show up to court.  The other is a monetary bond.  This type of bond can be paid in full to the jail or the services of our agency can be used.  If using a bail bondsman, you will have to pay 10% of the face value of the bond.

A bail bond is pretty much what it sounds like – it’s a guarantee that you’ll stick around after your release and be present at the trial. Our agency is the one guaranteeing that you’ll stay in town, and they do this by paying your bail in exchange for a bond fee. Bond fee amounts vary, but they’re typically set at 10% of the bail amount, though immigration and federal cases require 15% of the bail amount.  If you are ready to move forward with the bond or have anymore questions, call our office.

 Things to know about bail in Jacksonville

Looking up inmates online

Not many people know this, but you can look up arrest and booking information online via the Sheriff’s Website.  There are numerous ways to search.  You can search name, jail number, and JSO ID.  The easiest is simply entering in the defendant last name and clicking search (Tip: clerical errors do happen, if you do not find the inmate by last name, enter in a partial name).  Once your search results are displayed, you can click “more info” and pull up the entire inmates information.

When an inmate is first arrested, they are immediately entered into this system.  However, the booking process does take some time.  A bail bond cannot be posted until the inmate is fully booked in.  Here is what to look for.  On the complete inmate information page mentioned above, you will need to look for two things.  First, on the second line down, there is an are that says “ID Check Completed”.  Next to this line needs to display a “Y” for yes.  Second, the fifth line up from the bottom, has an area for “Completed Admissions Process”.  This area also needs to display a “Y” for yes.  If either of these two fields display and “N”, the inmate is still in the booking process and bond can’t be posted.  Under the charge information section is where you will find what the inmate is being charged with and if they have set a bond for that charge.

This online inmate search is the same utility that the bail bondsman uses.

Looking up your court case online

After being bonded out, you can follow your court cases online.  Jacksonville uses a system called Core.  You will need to register and email address to use this, but it is public information.  Once registered, you can use a variety of search option fields to find your case.  Once you have found your case, it will give you docket information, court dates, and courtroom numbers.  I always tell our clients to call and confirm the date of your court case a few days before.  Mistakes happen and court dates can change.

Attending your court dates

In 2011, Jacksonville built a new courthouse located at 301 Adams St in Downtown Jacksonville.  The old courthouse location at 500 Bay St is no longer in use.  Parking can be a problem due to the location being downtown.  There is a parking garage and metered street parking, but both fill up fast.  Give yourself plenty of time.  You can save time by knowing your courtroom before you go.  If you don’t know it, go to the help desk.  You will have to go through a metal detector, so don’t bring any weapons, pocketknives, ect into the courthouse.

Not All Companies Are the Same

When you start comparing bail bond companies, you’ll see that they’re not all that similar. Some have a reputation for going the extra mile for their clients to ensure peace of mind, while others aren’t quite so savory. It’s very important that you work with a reputable company that makes client satisfaction and service their top priority. Such a company engenders trust, and will also be able to streamline the entire process, rather than leaving you on your own to take care of the paperwork necessary to secure release.

You will also find it necessary to ensure the agent you work with is both licensed and approved to operate within the city. This is very important – if the company isn’t licensed and approved, they can’t help you.

Ryan Wells Bail Bonds offers residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding area the highest quality service and the helping hand necessary during this trying time. We’re available 24-hours a day, seven days per week, and will gladly speak with you even on holidays. Call us at (904) 598-9898.

We have a variety of service to help you.  You can come into our agency located at 237 9th Ave North Ste 1 located in Jacksonville Beach or we can meet at an office downtown.  The easiest way is to utilize our Bail by Phone service.  This is by far the fastest way to get a bond completed.  Call us and we’ll explain how this process can benefit you.