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What are Skip Tracers?

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

A skip tracer is, essentially, a bounty hunter. Before you start thinking of bounty hunters as they existed in the Old West, realize that this is not the reality of the situation. In fact, in a rather rare instance of this, some of the reality television shows that followed bounty hunters around gave a good idea of what they do.

It Starts with Bail

Skip Tracers generally work with bail bondsman. A bail bond company puts up a surety bond for someone who needs money to get out of jail on the contingency that the person makes their court date. Ideally, the person makes their court date and the bail bond is exonerated right then and there. There are people, however, who decide to skip out on their court date and to, to put it in common terms, open up a can of worms that they never wanted to deal with.

When the defendant skips their court date, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest right away. At the same time, the bail bond company that put their trust in the person to show up for their court date suddenly becomes liable for the full amount of the bail required to get that person out of jail in the first place. As you might’ve guessed, this can sometimes amount to tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

The bail bond company will engage the services of skip tracers, in some cases, to find the person who absconded from their court date. These are professional individuals who are not law enforcement agents per se, but who do have quite a few powers that allow them to go after the person who skipped out on their court date.

In the best case scenario, the tracers working for the bail bond company manage to track down the person, bring them back to jail and resolve the whole situation. In fact, contrary to what people who go on the run likely think, these professionals end up catching the people who skip out on their bail more than 90% of the time.

People who keep their commitments to a bail bond company never have to deal with bounty hunters or, as they generally prefer to be called, skip tracers. They only come into play when somebody fails to hold up their obligations and puts everyone around them in a bad situation, and the consequences for doing so are generally rather severe.

Why You Should Never Miss a Court Date

Monday, May 20th, 2013
Brenwell Bail Bonds

Joe Brennan

There are plenty of people out there who get arrested for a very minor offense and who end up making the situation much worse for themselves by missing their court date. Missing your court date is an offense in and of itself. If you want to make certain you don’t end up making a minor offense much worse than it has to be, you should always make your court date.

What Happens if You Don’t?

One of the ways that people get themselves into trouble is not realizing exactly what happens if they do miss their court date. Not showing up for a court date is no minor thing. There are good reasons why the courts take this so seriously. Aside from the fact that you’re breaking the law, it costs a great deal of money to operate a court of law and, when people don’t show up, not only has the law been broken, but a lot of very expensive people have had their time wasted.

When you don’t make your court date, the judge will generally immediately issue a warrant for your arrest. If you had the opportunity to get out of jail before your court date on bail before, you can be certain that you’re not going to get that chance again. If the offense is minor, they may release you on your own recognizance, but that generally will not be the case if you’re looking at something rather serious.

If a bail bondsman provided your bail, not showing up to court puts them in a very bad situation. The bail bond that they issue is contingent upon you showing up in court. If you don’t show up, the bail bonds company becomes liable for the entire sum of your bail, which could be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have a court date, even for something as minor as traffic tickets, make sure you get there on time. It’s a good idea to show up an hour early. Some people show up to court too close to the time when they are supposed to appear before the judge, end up getting delayed and quickly find out that, when you’re not there on time, judges are generally not inclined to take excuses off of you and will throw you in jail.

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